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Online Classes

Join your MIAC Fit Fam for a workout anytime . . . anywhere.

Huge shout out to our Team that has been working tirelessly to load our video library with engaging content to keep us all moving and grooving.

For the time being, all of our online content is 100% free.
It simply feels like the right thing to do right now.
You will find a great, and continually growing library of
core, strength (with weights), body weight (no weights), TRX and Cycle classes.

We thank you for your patience and grace as we continue to fine tune our best practices for filming. We are not a big budget studio, we do not have fancy lighting or sound systems, we cannot play “popular” music due to ASCAP and royalty licenses.

But we LOVE what we do!!!

Please follow THIS link to our ON DEMAND site.

You will need to create an account (FREE!) in order to access our videos. We have set the rental period to 5 days, but you can of course come back as much as you would like and keep on renting!

YONDO will not be our platform forever, we need a better choice of categorizing our workouts, but for now . . . let’s GO!

MIAC Online will be a permanent feature for us, and will always be free to those on our Auto-Pays.

A little enrichment for everyone!


Thank you for your patience as we continue to add videos and fine tune.

As always, please reach out with any questions, comments or concerns. We miss you all terribly.

Please consider posting a picture of you doing an MIAC workout on either FB or IG and tag us, we would love to see your

cute, sweaty faces!!!